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Where does a good man turn when his self-esteem was lost in a far-off land, and he is shunned by society?

An aging homeless Vietnam Vet imparts kindness and wisdom while bearing up to societal prejudice along with his own demons.

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Terry-Robe Productions, LLC came about in 2009 as a means to brand the films produced by its founder and owner, Steven F. Schultz. The company originated in Kissimmee, Florida, but when the film industry there experienced a down turn, Steve took to the road. The first stop on his journey was to Mesa, AZ where he stayed with his sister, Grace. This afforded Steve a wonderful opportunity to write screenplays, network with other writers and technical people in the industry, and just figure things out. It also put him within five hours drive time to LA. One of the first things he did was invest in a script consultant to have one of his feature length scripts reviewed. This investment proved to be worthwhile in knowledge gained on screenwriting and storytelling in general. After about six months of writing, networking and hob-knobbing Steve took advantage of a non-industry related opportunity in Greensboro, NC, so movies and writing had to take a back seat to making a living and romance. Yes, there is a story there!

After being in Greensboro for a couple of years, Steve resurrected screenwriting and started to investigate the movie industry in North Carolina. He joined a restricted Facebook screenwriter’s group. This group gave Steve the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals looking to make movies at the next level. It is from this first connection that Terry-Robe Productions, LLC is building the team of talented professionals that are making “Preordained”.

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Terry Robe Productions LLC


Bill Frost

Character Name: Jeremy

In 2102, Bill began his career as an actor. His life experience, training and talents have been crucial to success in every part of his life. He performs in numerous leading film roles, and continues to build a great resume as an actor. He works utilizing his skills as a fight choreographer as well. Bill continues to work hard in the film business and is currently writing, producing, choreographing fights/stunts and acting in several projects. In addition to these accomplishments, Bill served his country proudly for nearly 10 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. While serving in the Corps he held such billets as Infantry Leader, Training Chief, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Formal School Platform Instructor, Combat Instructor and Special Event Narrator from the years of 1995 to 2005. He served with 3/2 Lima Company, 2nd Marine Regiment and the School of Infantry. Bill ended his active service with an Honorable Discharge and several awards for achievement.

Charlie James

Character Name: Pharmacist/Sergeant

Charlie was born and raised in the rural town of Zuber in Florida. Being a country boy, Charlie has spent most of his life working in his trade as a butcher. In recent years, he ventured out and began a career in acting. Charlie has made appearances on the television show Sistah's, and The Forties Club. He has also performed various roles in short films and as well as theater. Charlie has portrayed a variety of characters that include a bipolar detective, mass murderer, Captain Hook, a parent, a fire fighter, and soldier. Most recently, he appeared in the stage play You Ain’t My Daddy playing a father/comedian. Charlie played the leading role in Fred: Born Again in which he played the role of Lamont Sandford. Charlie is married and the father of three lovely kids.

Claudio Oswald Niedworok

Production Role: Orator

Whether before a symphony or alone, Claudio is an icon in his art. He is a skilled orator, frequently described as "Burton-esque" in presence, voice and delivery. A published poet, author and recording artist, "a true original"; he has traveled the world by land and sea living a life of adventuring in exotic and dangerous regions. He continues to be inspired in his lifelong literary and artistic endeavors by the likes of Bradbury, Burroughs, Dinesen, Twain, and Melville and others. Claudio has an extensive background in technical theatre and a reputation, among his peers and audiences alike, as an engaging, affable, and a hale fellow well met. His works on the stage are uniquely influenced by the legendary master of "storytelling in silence" Marcel Marceau, with whom Claudio shared a lasting and endearing personal friendship until Marcel’s passing in September of 2007.

Drew Solomon

Character Name: Travon

Born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in Irvington, New Jersey Drew Solomon was a gifted athlete who chose to play basketball. He accepted a full athletic scholarship to Division 1 Big South Conference Charleston Southern University, where he earned a B.S. Degree in Biology. After graduation, Drew moved to Durham, N.C. and with an entrepreneurial spirit started Vision Investments a real estate investment company. In 2009 Drew started acting and was quickly cast in Independent films such as Lost Memories, San Souchi Showdown and an International Nike commercial "Pressure Makes Us" with the U.S. Women's Olympic Soccer Team. Drew also produced an episode of the Television series "Open House" filmed in Studio City, Ca. Drew scheduled to appear in five theatre productions and numerous films in 2016.

Gary Pezzullo

Character Name: Mike

Gary began acting after studying/training in the techniques of Sanford Meisner and Lee Strasberg. He learned how to work properly on set through extra work with seasoned acting professionals. He quickly achieved success in leading and supporting roles, quite often playing, mean spirited dads, cops, mobsters, a doctor and a happy father of the bride. Gary has worked in several genres including horror, drama and light comedy. Continuing to hone his craft, Gary studies Improv, scenes study, and stage acting at the Raleigh Little and Lee Street Theaters as well as at the Moonlight Stage Company. Gary is excited to be studying the Uta Hagen methods with a teacher who studied in New York with Ms. Hagan for seven years. On film Gary can be scene in ‘The Legend of Alice Flagg’ with Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven) also in ‘Accidently Engaged’ with Joan Severance (Wise Guys, American Horror) and Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch). Gary brings life/work experience from being a musician/singer, X-ray tech, police officer, motorcycle rider, corporate exec and successful investor.

Greg Wait

Character Name: Deputy Tom

Greg Wait is excited to join the cast of Preordained. Originally from New York, Greg has called Raleigh, NC home for over twenty years. , and has been acting in the area for the past ten. On stage, you may have seen him in musicals such as Theatre In The Park's A Christmas Carol or Raleigh Little Theatre's Cinderella, and most recently as Ira Taub in the comedy play, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife. His film credits include the short films His Last Supper and Plain Pine Box. Greg has also appeared in the feature films Secrets in the Snow and Ipseity.

Joseph Gray

Character Name: Shane

Joseph Gray is a highly trained film & television actor currently located in the southeast. As production has exploded in this region over the past five years, Joseph has capitalized on the diverse work available with bookings on several network TV shows & feature films. In addition to roles on shows like CW's "The Originals", CBS' "The Inspectors" & NBC's "Revolution", he was cast in the record-breaking made for TV film Killing Kennedy starring Rob Lowe & CMT's immensely popular "NASCAR: The Rise of American Speed". In 2014 Joseph expanded his resume to include credits as a writer & producer as well. With experience on-camera in episodic TV, numerous feature-length & short films, regional & national commercials in addition to web videos / commercials. Along with his more recent experience as a writer & producer, Joseph has a well-developed skill set geared uniquely towards telling stories on-screen.

Karen Boles

Character Name: Magen

Karen Boles is a professional actress, with over 20 years experience in film, television, theatre, and voice over. She has appeared in dozens of independent feature films including Secrets in the Snow, Saving Westbrook High opposite Loretta Devine, The Taking of Deborah Logan, In Mysterious Ways, and PINK (in post production). Recent television bookings include “Sleepy Hollow” (Fox), “Complications” (USA Network), and “Powers” (Sony). Karen has a passion for creating family-friendly, faith-based entertainment with strong female protagonists and uplifting messages.

Leila Profeta

Character Name: Cristal

Leila Profeta is a child actor originally from Florida, but is now a full-time Georgia girl! When she is not studying for a part she is dancing, playing Pokemon or having fun being silly with her siblings. Art is her passion and draws something every single day. When Leila saw how much fun her brother Daniel was having as an actor, she just had to give-it-a-try! She has started to learn her craft by taking classes. Since then Leila has worked as a background performer, which led to her first speaking role in the short film “Sweet Emily”, currently in post-production at the time of this printing. Leila’s work in that film subtly conveyed a young girl who had both empathy and conviction beyond her years. This performance led to an invitation from the Terry-Robe Production staff to be a member of the “Preordained” cast. Leila cannot wait to be on set for this thought provoking story. Leila is represented by The Jana Vandyke Agency of Georgia.

Lynne Smith

Character Name: Rachel/lotto spokesperson

Lynne works steadily as an actress in North Carolina and the southeast since moving from the DC area several years ago. Most recently, Lynne played principal roles in Where We We're Meant to Be, A Lovely Sunrise and the award winning film, Just Karma. Lynne also played a principal role on the Investigation Discovery channel's "Your Worst Nightmare," a crime re-enactment show produced out of Atlanta. Lynne loves the opportunities working in NC brings including being a part of the successful series, “Under the Dome”, “Homeland” and “Banshee”. Lynne also enjoyed working in the film Iron Man 3 and other movies filmed in NC. In addition, Lynne has appeared in regional commercials for various businesses in the southeast.

Steve Schultz

Character Name: Gaither/Lieutenant

Steve has been passionate about film since his early childhood. He would watch movies late into night right up until the television stations in New York stopped broadcasting. It didn’t matter what the genre nor the language, reading subtitles became second nature to him. Films from the silent era offered narration along with dialogue. It was not until later in life that Steve realized that as he watched films by Akira Kurosawa, Fritz Lang, and Ingmar Bergman he was studying masterpiece films from the early greats of filmmaking. In his early teens, Steve developed an interest in black and white photography, which continued up until the digital age. He read everything he could on types of film, lighting, filtration, lenses and other aspects of the camera. With a solid understanding of the technical, Steve put his knowledge to work learning the art of photography and darkroom technique as well.

It was also during his teens that Steve began to write. He didn’t have a great love for school, so his writing took the form of journaling. More often than not, he penned about the girl who broke his heart that week. But the weeping of the lovelorn soon became farfetched stories about the sea, airplanes, motorcycles and fast cars. These tales of adventure and toys underwent a further evolution as people and society became interesting to him.

Coming from a musical family, Steve was part of the performance arts at a very early age. He made his stage debut singing in a Christmas pageant at the age of ten. As a teen, he studied dance at a local studio, but an unrelated knee injury ended his hopes of ever dancing with the Joffrey. As an adult, Steve studied voice, commercial acting, scene study, as well as Meisner and Stanislofsky methods of acting.

Tony DeMil

Character Name: Rodney

Tony DeMil is known for Darryl, in NBC's “Game of Silence”, Young Robert Rayburn in Netflix Original Series “Bloodline”, Taken 3, “Burn Notice”, and a supporting lead in Operator w/Ving Rhames, Mischa Barton and Luke Goss. Look out for his upcoming roles in James Franco's In Dubious Battle, and as Darryl in NBC's "Game of Silence" and “Good Behavior” with Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery. Tony was born in Orlando, FL one of four children to Evelyn Lain and Joe DeMil. He's 2nd generation, Italian-American, and relates strongly with his Italian roots! Tony DeMil is an identical twin, and grew up with modest beginnings. Tony lives in Atlanta, with his cat, Jake.

Vanessa Ore

Character Name: Sarah

Vanessa has appeared in several feature films in principal and leading roles. Recently she wrapped on the film, Imperium, working opposite Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Sam Trammel (“True Blood”) and can be seen this spring in the sci-fi thriller, Dark Resonance with Muse Watson (“NCIS”), which filmed in Statesville, NC.

She has been honored by being, “Favorite Local Actress” of 2015, by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine in Charlotte, NC and featured in the June issue of Today’s Charlotte Woman magazine as one of twelve notable local Charlotte women taking on film in North Carolina.

Originally a New York native, Vanessa has been involved with film acting for several years. She has trained with a variety of coaches in a variety of techniques. She resides in Davidson, NC with her husband and three children.

Will Hollerung

Character Name: Richie

Making his film debut, Will is a student at Leesville Road High School. He has previously appeared as Ferris in The Diviners, Chuck in Breaking the Chain, Ghost Fancier in By the Bog of Cats, and as Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple. Will always had a passion for acting, but it wasn't until his Theatre I teacher inspired him that he decided to pursue it more seriously. Will, now a member of his school's Main Stage class, hopes to continue his passion for acting on stage and in front of the camera.


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